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Dyslexia: The Gift that is Considered a Problem

How does it feel to be disoriented?

If what we just talked about is hard for you to imagine you are probably not dyslexic. Let’s give you an idea. Imagine yourself in a train station sitting in a train. On the tracks next to your train, there is another one facing in the opposite direction. Suddenly the other train starts to roll out of the station. You think you are moving but you are not. At that moment you are confused and it takes you a moment or two to realize you are in fact sitting still. What you just experienced is disorientation. You are no longer aware of the true facts and conditions of your surroundings.

A person who is dyslexic could have a similar experience with words and letters. He might see them zoom in and out or even jump out of the book and walk off the table. Sometimes the spaces between the words could disappear.

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