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Dyslexia: The Gift that is Considered a Problem

For the past several years I have been privileged to accompany Matthias Füll on his journey. It has been an honor to be allowed to witness confusion giving way to understanding and knowledge. Using simple self-management tools and his amazing power of imagination, he has overcome many hurdles that would have daunted one less committed to success. With his path now leading him on to college, I look forward to seeing him succeed at this new challenge as well!


Gabriela Scholter       Stuttgart, March 2010


Matthias Füll

Senior Thesis

High Mowing School


Teacher: Wendy Bruneau

Mentor: Marguy Nelson

Dyslexia: The Gift

that is Considered a Problem



I dedicate this thesis

to all dyslexic students

who have found the methods of Ron Davis,

and to my mother Irmtraud Füll

who never stopped believing in me.

Thanks also go to my father Ottmar Füll.

Special thanks to Gabriela Scholter

who gave me the tools, and still does,

so I can realize my dreams.

Thanks go to High Mowing School,

for giving me a second chance

to become what I am today.


©  Matthias Füll,  2010